Monday, 22 February 2021 07:57

Apex Racing League GT Championship | Season 4 | Round 4 - Twin Ring Motegi

Brumfield dispels the Japanese fog of war to emerge top 10

Round 4 saw us head East to the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Japan. An early morning start and high humidity brought a heavy fog descending onto the track, making hitting braking points and apexes that little bit harder. With both Centurions new to Motegi it was always going to be a tough ask in even the best conditions.

A pit lane start penalty for Gowrie saw Brumfield out alone to set the pace during qualifying. A rather humble time of 1:46.598 (over 2 seconds down on a rapid Nesov pole) gave our Pro driver a measily P29 start. Coupled with Gowrie's pit lane start of P38 things weren't looking good.

Whilst Race 1 was a grind the situation improved and Brumfield managed a P20 finish with Gowrie coming in at P29 - both drivers gaining an impressive 9 places when things mattered. Following the race finish there was talk of a setup change for the feature race with the current one suffering a lot of drag on the straights. In a last minute swap the Montreal settings were used giving a rather gaping 4 degrees less rear wing.

Race 2 began and immediately Brumfield was benefitting from the change. Whilst the car became an absolute death trap in the braking zones and cornering it was blistering along the straights. This fell perfectly into the hands of Brumfield who quickly rose through the rankings and into Top 10 contention. Meanwhile further back Gowrie was like Bambi on ice struggling to keep the car stable even whilst tootling round the bends like he was nipping to the shops and looking for a parking space.

The tyres dropped off rather rapidly but that didn't deter Brumfield who was proving a menace with the left-field setup choice. As darkness descended on the circuit his aggressive drive proved a huge success and barring a last lap slip up to drop a position, P7 was an incredible drive and a huge 13 place gain. With Gowrie slipping 2 places to P31 it ended what was overall, a decent result in the end for a team completely new to Twin Ring Motegi.