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Centurion Racing Team was created in October 2019 primarily as a base organisation to host an iRacing GTE league. There was a huge demand in GTE & GT3 class leagues which no one seemed to be fulfilling and Centurion saw an opportunity to provide a much desired simracing community service.

Once the Centurion Racing League was formed it was quickly populated and season 1 began as a 12 week GTE league season on Sunday 1st December 2019 at Oulton Park Circuit. With the first season already having around 25 registered drivers and a race on race participation of 10-12 the foundations have been laid.

Plans to extend the league to multiclass and include the popular GT3 spec cars are in place for season 2 as well the ambition of live race broadcasting to add increased authenticity and professionalism.

Race Results Tracked

All race results are tracked and displayed using th danlisa.com scoring system. Driver standings, team standings and detailed statistics are all available to view and analyse.

Races Broadcasted Live

Live professional race broadcasting and commentary on all league events from Apex Racing TV giving the viewers incredible coverage and race insight.

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